Contango has worked on many of Turbines, allowing us to become experts in executing complicated repairs that extend the life of your engine and reduce costs.

To do this, we integrate our field service capabilities with custom-engineered repair solutions to provide comprehensive services for all of your heavy industrial and light industrial aeroderivative turbine needs, including aftermarket solutions such as: combustion, hot gas path, stationary and rotating components most major gas turbine models and frames.

We have a broad range of capabilities, extending from routine inspections and repairs to major overhauls. We complete each task with unrivaled project management skills, technical expertise, quick response times and safe working procedures to ensure that your outage goes as smoothly as possible and afford asset owners with peace of mind.

Electrical :

  • Maintenance of junction boxes and cabling to ensure safety integrity
  • Checks and maintenance on key HV, MV and LV equipment
  • Generator and other key equipment checks

Instrument & Control :

  • Upgrade of control system
  • Verification of all instruments (including calibration and function checks)
  • Ensure software controlled and relevant revision control maintained
  • Function test and calibrate F&G instrumentation
  • Function test BUOS and other SIS equipment

Mechanical :

  • Complete major Overhaul.
  • Carry out berth and package audits
  • Maintain all critical mechanical equipment
  • Carry out borescope inspections
  • Critical filter replacement / cleaning as required
  • Engine ingestion cleaning and water washing