Reconditioning :

Compressor valves are reconditioned in accordance with specified maintenance intervals and full efficiency is restored for further use. A reconditioned valve has the same life time as a new one. There is no doubt about the price advantage of a reconditioned valve compared to a new one, unless irreparable valve damage has occurred.

Analysis and Optimization :

For long years CONTANGO has been analyzing hundreds of reciprocating compressors of various manufacturers, many of which fail to reach their optimum operating conditions. Our long term experience has shown that reliable analyses of compressors and valves is often able to solve customers’ problems.

Modification :

If frequent valve damage occurs or if the operator is interested in a higher efficiency of his valves, most valves can be modified or optimized subsequently. As a result, compressor valves rarely need to be replaced by new valves. Often the benefits of high-performance plastics can be used. In most cases modifications can be made during the
reconditioning of compressor valves without high additional costs. This services included other compressor parts such as

  • Actuators
  • Oil scraper packing
  • Gas packing
  • Check valves
  • Piston rod seals